Which mattress is suited for your body? Revor has some advice

Choosing the right mattress is not that simple. The array of mattresses is endless, and each mattress has its own characteristics and unique composition. Which types of mattresses are available? And which mattress is most suited to your unique case?

You can select the right mattress from the wide range of available mattresses, depending on your body type, your sleeping pattern and possible physical complaints. Our tip: get as much information as you can about the different types of mattresses. You will learn which materials can be a match for your body type and sleeping profile.

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Which mattress to buy? Start by gathering information

No time to visit the mattress shop? This blog post has all the information you need to make the most informed decision. At Revor, we only make top-class mattresses. All you need to do is decide which mattress is right for you.


1. Pocket-sprung mattresses

Pocket-sprung mattresses offer good ventilation, high resilience values and a supreme level of comfort. There are plenty of mattresses with regular pocket springs. Test our Anatomic pocket-sprung mattress. The intelligently-designed pocket springs follow the contours of your body, offering maximum support for every part of your body. Highly recommended!

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2. Latex mattresses

A long lifespan, maximum resilience and an elastic material that carefully supports your body? A latex mattress ticks all these boxes. Latex has natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, ensuring you can enjoy a wonderful and reinvigorating night’s sleep.

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3. Viscoelastic mattresses

Does this all sound too scientific to you? We bet you’ll enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep on these mattresses however! Viscoelastic mattresses - also called memory foam mattresses - follow your body’s contours only to slowly recover their original shape after you have woken up. The material is extremely temperature-sensitive. This mattress may feel extremely hard in a cold environment, but it provides maximum support when you lie down on it.

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4. Gel-infused mattresses

Our gel-infused mattresses were developed to offer perfect support. This type of mattress feels pleasantly soft as soon as you lie down. The unique Gelpur mix in the upper layers provides unrivalled comfort. The supporting layer provides the required counterpressure for your body, exactly where you need it.

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So there you have it, a nice little overview of all the different kinds of mattresses, that offer the highest level of comfort possible. Still wondering which type of mattress is the best match for you? Use our mattress finder to find the right mattress. 

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