How recognise a quality divan bed - and what should it cost?

There is a divan bed for everyone’s budget. You can customise every aspect of your divan bed and they also come in a range of different price points. But:

  • How to recognise a quality divan bed?
  • And what should you pay attention to when buying one?
  • How much does a good divan bed cost?

Revor has some useful tips for you. Keep them in mind when searching for the divan bed that is just perfect for you. So you can be sure that you’ll get 100% value for your money - and enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

How to recognise a quality divan bed?

1. The inside of the divan bed
Always enquire about the materials that were used to build your divan bed.

A quality divan bed has a sprung core and is finished with soft materials. These soft materials usually are pressure distributors and foam. Cheaper divan beds use a sprung core with Bonnell springs - or even no sprung core at all - while more qualitative divan beds contain pocket springs. A non-slip pad on top of the divan bed - which prevents your mattress from moving - also helps. Some non-slip pads have a 3D structure, which provide excellent ventilation.

2. The outside of the divan bed
Now that the inside has met with your approval, we need to take a closer look at the inside. Inspect the fabrics that were used. A leather look may seem very maintenance-friendly but fabric looks more modern - but is less easy to wash. Pay attention to details, because double-stitching of the upholstery often means higher quality and a longer lifespan.

What should you pay attention to when buying a divan bed?

  • Don’t expect to sleep comfortably on a wooden box without springs. It’s definitely cheaper, but you will not sleep as soundly. So make sure that your divan bed has a sprung core.
  • A divan bed with Bonnell springs is the cheapest option. They are very resilient and offer good ventilation, but the springs don’t move independently, and therefore the level of support is not as good. Pocket springs do move independently. The best divan beds thus contain this type of spring.
  • Make sure that the overall height of your divan bed is pleasant for getting in and out of bed. The overall height is determined by the depth of your divan bed, the height of the legs under it and the thickness of your mattress. An ideal height is approx. 55-65 cm.
  • The headboards, the legs and the fabric will determine the style of your divan bed.
  • Do you want to be able to clean under your divan bed? Then take a divan bed with less depth (+/-24 cm) with a leg height of at least 16 cm.
  • Not much space in your bedroom? A divan bed with storage space may be an interesting option in that case.
  • Do you often watch TV in bed or read a book before going to sleep? Then have a look at our electric adjustable divan beds.

How much does a good divan bed cost?

All the above elements will determine the price of your divan bed. At Revor you can find quality divan beds for all budgets. A new divan bed (incl. mattress) will cost anything in the range of 1,500 euros and 6,000 euros, depending on the finish and the level of quality. The electric adjustability obviously also influences the price of your divan bed.

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