Customising your divan bed: where to start

Did you know that you can create your highly personalised dream bed? Configuring your custom divan bed is the only way to be sure that you can get the best possible night’s sleep. Just like you want it, in line with your style and preferences.Where to start? Try our divan bed configurator. You can create your dream bed in just a few clicks.

Try our divan bed configurator here

Need more information about how you can customise your divan bed? Here we go!

Customising your divan bed: choose every component yourself!

Check out our divan bed configurator, where you can really choose every component of your new divan bed yourself. Go through all the steps in our configurator to discover the divan bed of your dreams! Curious to see how you can customise your divan bed?

1. The divan bed base

Choose the style, height and fabric colour. Do you like to read in bed? Perhaps an electric adjustable divan bed base would be a better option in that case. Make your selection from the list of high-quality Revor fabrics to customise your superior divan bed base.

2. The legs

Sleeping on a higher bed base, with high legs, can also be fun. You’ll also find it easier to clean under your bed. Ultimately, you make the choice. A bed that’s lower to the floor, with a lower leg, looks more modern. Modern or classic, high or low, eye-catching or almost invisible: everything is possible. Go for a floor bed, or a unique, floating effect.

3. The headboard

The headboard is the eye-catcher of your divan bed base, whichever way you turn it. Do you prefer a classic headboard, or a nice sleek design? Choose the headboard that matches your style to a tee. Will you go for a classic, studded one or a more modern look, with a trim around the edge?  The Revor range has a wide range of options you can choose from to customise your headboard.

4. The mattress

You don’t just shop for a mattress online. You need to analyse your needs, try it out yourself. Fortunately, we have developed the mattress finder for you, to help you find the mattress that perfectly matches your sleeping pattern and your sleeping position.

Want to create your own customised divan bed base?

Use our divan bed base configurator.
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