1/ About us

The website https://www.revor.be (hereinafter the “Website”) is an initiative of: (hereinafter: “REVOR GROUP”, “We” and “Us”)
Noordlaan 2
8520 Kuurne
VAT BE 0417.941.227
E-mail: info@revorgroup.be
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2/ Our Website

2.1 Proper functioning, security and accessibility

REVOR GROUP offers a user-friendly Website that is secure for all our visitors. We take all reasonable measures to guarantee the proper functioning, security and availability of our Website. We cannot, however, absolutely guarantee this.

Every use of the Website is always at your own risk. We do not accept liability for damage arising from interruptions, failures or other harmful elements or defects of the Website, regardless of whether these are the consequence of an external cause or force majeure.

2.2 Website content

The information on the Website is solely determined by us. We take the necessary measures to ensure the contents of our Website are as complete, accurate and up to date as possible. The contents of this Website can always be modified, supplemented or deleted. Nonetheless we cannot give any guarantees about the quality of the information on our Website. This information may not be complete, sufficiently accurate and/or useful. Consequently we are not liable for (direct and indirect) damage suffered by the visitor of our Website due to the information on our Website. Our Website contains downloadable content. Every download from our Website is always at your own risk. We do not accept any liability for any damages arising from a download, including but not restricted to loss of data or damage to the computer system of the visitor of our Website.

2.3 What we expect from you as a Visitor

You may not use our Website for the distribution of content that may cause damage to other visitors of the Website, such as the distribution of harmful software such as computer viruses, malware, worms, Trojans or cancelbots. The distribution of unsolicited and/or commercial messages through the Website, such as junk mail, spam or chain messages, also falls under this.

3/ Links to other websites

The content of our Website can contain a link, hyperlink or framed link to other websites or other forms of electronic gateways. A link should not be automatically taken to mean that there is a connection between us and these other websites, nor that we (implicitly) agree with the content of these websites.

4/ Intellectual property rights

Creativity requires protection, including of our Website and the content available on it. This protection is provided by intellectual property rights; all the rights holders, i.e., REVOR GROUP and third parties, have the right to this protection.  Content shall be taken to mean the very broad category of photos, video, audio, text, ideas, tools, notes, drawings, articles, and so on. All this content is protected by copyright, software rights, database rights, drawing and model rights and all other applicable (intellectual) property rights. The technical nature of our Website is governed by copyright, software rights and database rights. Every trade name we use on our Website is also protected by the applicable trade name or brand rights.

Every visitor to our Website is granted a restricted right of access, use and representation of our Website and available information on it. This right is non-exclusive, non-transferable and can solely be used within a personal, non-commercial context. We ask visitors of our Website to not use and/or make changes to matters that are protected by these rights, without the consent of the rights holder. REVOR GROUP attaches great importance to its intellectual property rights and has taken all possible measures to guarantee the protection thereof. Any violation of the existing intellectual property rights shall be prosecuted.

5/ General provisions

We reserve the right to modify, expand, restrict and/or terminate our Website and the services offered on it at any time. This can be done without prior notification to the visitor and does not give rise to any form of compensation.

This Disclaimer is exclusively ruled and interpreted in accordance with Belgian legislation. Any disputes relating or arising from the use of the Website, or from agreements concluded with REVOR GROUP shall be submitted to the court of the judicial district (judicial district).


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There are different types of cookies. We distinguish between the following cookies based on their purposes: there are essential or strictly necessary cookies and non-essential cookies (functional, analytic or targeting cookies). The Belgian Act on electronic communications of 13 June 2005 contains a number of provisions about cookies and their use on websites. The law is a transposition of the European e-Privacy Directive, which means that the cookie legislation can be implemented in different ways in all European Member States. REVOR GROUP is established in Belgium, meaning it adheres to Belgian and European cookie legislation.


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