How to choose the right mattress so you can sleep like a baby?

Choosing the right mattress is not that simple because everyone is different. It’s not that we want to make things complicated. It’s just that a mattress should be tailored to your unique body type and sleep profile. Finding the right mattress is very similar to finding the man or woman of your life: when you make the right choice, you’ll enjoy sweet dreams, but a random may result in many a sleepless nights.

25,000 hours of sleep

You need to take the time to choose the right mattress for you. Because you will be spending at least 25,000 hours of your life on this mattress before you buy a new one. Plenty of reasons, in other words, to delve deeper into the world of mattresses!

Which aspects are important when choosing the right mattress?

Your length and weight

This is an important factor when deciding the firmness scale of your mattress. The taller and heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be.

Your body type

Your body type is a determining factor for the division in zones, the type of mattress and the firmness of your mattress. Wide shoulders or hips? Make sure your mattress has an adapted comfort zone for these parts of your body.

Do you tend to often sweat during the night?

If you sweat a lot at night or suffer from night sweats, we recommend choosing a mattress with good ventilating properties, such as a pocket-sprung mattress.

Your sleeping position

Your sleeping position will determine which type of mattress you need. The firmness must also be adapted to this. Are you a stomach sleeper? Then choose a firmer mattress, without too many soft materials in the core.

Physical complaints

Does your neck or back often feel sore? Make sure your spine has the right level of support. Also thoroughly test a mattress before buying it. A good pillow is also important.

Your sleeping partner

Does your partner have a very different body type and sleeping requirements? Then choose a mattress with two different cores, ensuring you both enjoy the level of comfort you need.

Personal preferences

Some people know that they like to sleep on a firm or soft mattress. We recommend not taking this into account too much. Focus on aspects that are important for a healthy night’s sleep. You can still customise your mattress in line with your personal preferences.


We have plenty of hypoallergenic mattresses in our range. Are you allergic to dust mites? Then choose a mattress that was treated for this. A latex allergy? Avoid this type of mattress and other gel variants when choosing a mattress.

Your budget

Your budget is the most important factor of course. A qualitative single mattress (90x200 cm) will easily cost you in the range of € 400 to € 1,200. But it also guarantees many years of good sleep. If you bear in mind that most people sleep on the same mattress for approximately ten years, this amounts to € 0.11 – € 0.33 a night. That sounds a lot more acceptable, doesn’t it?

Finding a mattress that ticks all the boxes?

Try our mattress finder to find the right mattress for you.

Choosing the right mattress as a couple

The days that couples shared absolutely everything are behind us. Take your mattress, for example. In the old days, you had to compromise - he preferred a firmer mattress, she a softer one - meaning a couple would settle on a medium mattress. Nowadays you can both enjoy the right level of support for your body.

Because at Revor you can order a double mattress, of which the two halves separately cater to the specific needs of either sleeper. You can sleep on a firmer mattress, while your partner can nod off on a pleasantly soft mattress. All the benefits of one shared mattress, with all the personal comfort of a separate mattress. With plenty of opportunities for romance.

Want to know which mattress suits you best? Open the mattress finder