1. USE


You could compare a new sleeping system to a new pair of shoes… Only when
you have been wearing them for some time will they be really comfortable. The
same goes for your recently acquired mattress, topper and slats. It even applies
to your Revor pillow. It is perfectly normal that your body needs a couple of days
or weeks to get used to your new slats and mattress or topper. After this period
of adaptation, it is possible that you see a light imprint of your body shape in the
No worries… Once the materials under the finishing layers and stitching
(wool, cotton, thermocotton wadding, etc.) have taken the required shape,
you will enjoy the comfort of a Revor sleeping system.
When sleeping on a Scandinavian set, you’ll notice that the imprint of your body
shape will be more explicit. A Scandinavian sleeping set has multiple layers (boxspring
+ mattress + topper) of different materiels, that can cause a more explicit
imprint of your body shape.
This however has no consequences to your sleeping comfort.


Revor offers you a Belgian quality product. Only the best raw materials were used
for our mattresses, slats and boxsprings. Nevertheless, the lifespan and quality of
your Revor sleeping system still depends on its use.
That is why we offer you some tips for an optimal use :
• When you sleep on a mattress or topper with identical sides, make sure you flip
it over once every month. When your mattress has no reinforced zones, also
rotate it so the head and feet sides are inversed.
• Make sure there is enough ventilation in your bedroom and never cover your
bed during the day. Do not let the sun hit your mattress directly.
• Do not allow animals in your bedroom and certainly not on your bed.
• Use a vacuum cleaner (be gentle!) to clean away the dust from your mattress
and slats.
• Protect your mattress with a mattress cover. Regularly ventilate or clean it.
Revor guarantees the quality of the Revor Protect mattress cover. It is an ideal
complement to your mattress.
• Never fold your mattress.
• Make sure your bedroom is always dry and avoid humidity or condensation.



Your Revor mattress, topper or pillow is delivered at home fully packed up. As it is the
case of all new materials, it is possible that you will smell a light odour when unpacking
the mattress or topper. This smell is completely harmless and will go away after some
time. Please bear in mind that a difference of 2% is possible when comparing the sizes
indicated on your mattress or topper. This is due to the properties of the materials that
have been used. A Revor slat or boxspring determines the quality and lifespan of
your mattress. The warranty of the mattress and topper can only be applied if
it’s used in combination with a recently bought slat or boxspring, otherwise the
lifespan of the mattress cannot be guaranteed. If you combine a two single bed
frame with a double mattress, it is better not to sleep in the centre of the mattress.
Your body will not be supported properly where the two single bed bases meet
and after some time the mattress may start to sag.


High humidity can lead to mould on your mattress, topper or pillow. This mould will
damage your mattress or pillow and can even make it unusable.
Since mould is a consequence of condensation that is created in a humid environment,
the Belgian federation of mattress producers has decided to exclude this
damage from the normal warranty conditions. We therefore strongly advise you to
make good use of the information above.


On the inside of Revor mattress, topper and pillow cases, you will find a label
indicating maintenance conditions.
Respect these indications and only clean the cases in exceptional circumstances.
Actually, it’s your mattress cover that needs cleaning and
not your mattress case.
The fact that a mattress or topper cover gives off lint is normal. This is not covered
by warranty.


When selecting the firmness level of your new mattress, your build will be a determining factor. The Revor firmness graph (see below) can be a useful tool. Of course, the firmness level is a personal choice.



Your slats and boxspring have been created for use with your Revor mattress. If you
combine it with legs, you have to make sure these are installed properly, meaning
straight and level.
Never stand on your slats and never sit on the moveable elements that haven’t
been created to sit on, namely the head and back support or the foot support element.
The moveable element is installed to offer you extra comfort when reading a
book or during your sleep. It is not made for something else.
The Revor slats are appropriate for individuals up to 120kg.


Certain Revor slats and boxsprings have been equipped with a motor offering you
the possibility of using different elements with an electrical button:
• head support
• back support
• knee and foot support
The oveable elements are ergonomic and can only be used under normal conditions.
Never overload the motor.
body weight (kg) <50 50-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100 >100
<1m50 Soft Medium Medium Hard Hard Hard
1m50-1m60 Soft Medium Medium Medium Hard Hard Hard
1m61-1m70 Soft Soft Medium Medium Medium Hard Hard
1m71-1m80 Soft Soft Soft Medium Medium Medium Hard
1m81-1m90 Soft Soft Soft Medium Medium Hard
1m91-2m00 Soft Soft Soft Medium Medium Hard
>2m00 Soft Soft Soft Medium Hard
Furthermore, all the motors are equipped with a power cut-off for emergencies.


Cleaning your slats or boxspring can be done with a damp cloth or the vacuum
cleaner (check the fabric first to avoid stains or rings)!
It is possible that the electrical system produces a squeaky noise after some
time. When this is the case, slightly lubricate the articulations under the slats or
The removable boxspring and headboard covers of the switch range can only
be cleaned by a dry cleaning service. Cleaning the covers should be limited to
exceptional cases. If the covers are cleaned too frequently, it is possible that the
fabric will slightly shrink and discolour.
The fabrics in the EasyCare range have been treated with a protective filter. This
filter has a life span of 5 cleaning sessions (if used in the switch range and cleaned
by a dry cleaning service). If stains on the fabric are cleaned locally with water,
the filter will have a longer life span. Revor does not guarantee a complete removal
of stains or traces.
The fact that a boxspring or headboard fabric gives off lint is normal. This is not
covered by warranty.


A difference in shade of colour isn’t always an actual colour difference. This effect
may be created by the circumstances: the room, light sources and shadows. And
some materials are more sensitive than others. Because of the combination of
natural and artificial light sources in a room, it is possible that different shades are
perceived. Because of the tension of the upholstery of some parts of the product, it
is possible that different shades are perceived.
Our upholstered products are supplied with an identification label indicating the
source of the fabric or leatherlook. Apart from that, the wooden beds aren’t made
from one single tree.


When purchasing Revor slats, boxsprings, mattresses and toppers, we offer the
following warranty conditions:
1. Warranty offered by Revor is only applicable in case of manufacturing errors.
All deformations or damage following incorrect use, deliberate damaging, abnormal
humidity or heat, mould, other pollution of human or animal nature, wear,
discoloration or use on slats that are not adapted or that are installed poorly are
not covered by this warranty.
2. Warranty is only applicable for mattresses, toppers and slats with a Revor label.
When this label has been removed, warranty is no longer offered. In the case
of boxsprings and upholstered mattresses the proof of purchase is to be kept for
warranty purposes.

3. Warranty is degressive. A 100% warranty is only applicable to the first year (see hereunder).

The period of warranty starts on the delivery date, which can be found on the proof of purchase of your mattress, topper or slats. After repairs or replacement of the product, the period of warranty is not automatically extended.

(*) All slats and boxsprings come with a 5 year warranty in case of normal use (
see “your Revor slats and boxspring”).
(**) all mechanical elements and for the motors and command buttons (not the batteries,
cables and plugs) come with a 2 year warranty in case of normal use.

4. When sleeping on a new mattress or topper, it is possible that contour formation can be noticed in the first weeks following your purchase. Any mattress will adopt the shape of your body. Contour formation is a completely normal phenomenon. After some time, it could even lose up to 15% of its height and even a loss of rigidity up to 20% of the core. It’s also very normal that the materials used in the cover of the mattress or topper can be compressed to 65% of their thickness. This is the normal evolution of the materials that have been used. Naturally, this is not covered by warranty.
5. In the case of a fixed boxspring, it is necessary to install a centre support. This extra leg will make sure the weight is distributed over the entire surface of the bed and will take some of the load off the corners. If this centre support is not installed, the warranty will be void.
6. Warranty covers all costs of repair and replacement. When the product has been replaced or repaired, the term of warranty doesn’t change. The term of warranty starts on the original purchase date.
7. For your Revor warranty to become valid, please go to an authorized dealer and show him this warranty card and your proof of purchase.