What is the warranty period of R0evor products? 
Revor only works with the leading companies of the industry and offers a 5 year degressive warranty on your Revor bed base, boxspring, mattress or topper. This means that during the first year your Revor product is 100% covered by warranty. Each following year, this warranty shall decrease by 20%, to end after 5 years. All warranty conditions can be consulted on our warranty card (link), supplied with each product. For motorized parts, the warranty period is limited to 2 years. 

Where can I ask for more information after I bought a Revor product? 
Should you have questions concerning a Revor product you purchased, you can always ask for more information at your local Revor dealership. 

Can I order spare parts? 
Depending on the article and the age of your product, certain spare parts can be ordered. These can generally be ordered by your Revor dealer. 

Can I get a copy of the warranty card? 
Our warranty card is always supplied with the product. The warranty card can be downloaded here.


What are the Revor mattress sizes? 
The standard dimensions of the Revor mattresses are L200cm x W70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 150, 160, 180 and 200cm. A large number of mattresses are also available in a duo version with a zipper, making them 140, 150, 160, 180 and 200cm wide. Revor mattresses with other dimensions are available at an extra charge. 

Such a wide choice, how will I know which mattress to choose? 
The Revor range is composed of 4 different categories focusing on 4 main cornerstones: ergonomics, comfort, support and ventilation. It allows us to develop the best mattress for everybody’s profile. However, we cannot choose your mattress for you. That remains a personal choice. We therefore strongly advise you to try out our different mattresses at the local Revor dealership.

What’s a ‘premium mattress’? 
Each and every single one of the Revor mattresses combines the following: ergonomics, comfort, support and ventilation. Revor developed a number of mattresses that emphasize one of the previous properties. These mattresses are our premium mattresses. 

After how many years should I buy a new mattress? 
Generally, a sleeping comfort specialist will advise you to replace your mattress every 10 years. The life span of your mattress depends on a number of factors: the base supporting the mattress, how often the room is ventilated, mattress maintenance, the use of a mattress cover, how much the person sleeping on it sweats, etc… And of course, the raw materials are subject to wear after some 7, 8 or 9 years, following which the mattress will no longer offer optimal support. Is it true that a spring mattress can only be placed on a boxspring bed base? In the past, people did indeed say that a latex mattress should be placed on slats and that a spring mattress required a boxspring bed base. Today however, the materials have evolved in such a way that this ground rule is no longer applicable. Both a spring mattress and a latex mattress can be placed on a boxspring bed base or slats. 

How often should I flip my mattress? 
The composition of our different mattresses varies. Some mattresses should and other mattresses shouldn’t be flipped. Your dealer will be happy to give you all the information you need. 

I bought a new mattress a week ago and I still don’t sleep well… 
If you bought a new mattress recently, it’s perfectly normal that your body will need some time to get used to a new sleeping position. And the mattress will require some time to adapt to the shape of your body. Depending on the situation, this can take a couple of weeks. 

My mattress is slightly indented. Is that normal? 
Contour formation is not an indentation. Any mattress will adopt the shape of your body. This is completely normal. It is a phenomenon that is called contour formation. It is perfectly possible that the height of the mattress can be reduced by 15% and the firmness by 20%. Only if the loss of height or firmness exceeds this percentage, will we call it indentation. 

Is placing a new mattress on an old bed base a good or a bad idea? 
A mattress adopts the shape of the supporting bed base. If a new mattress is placed on old slats, this will strongly influence the life span and the comfort level of the mattress and may result in negative consequences. So we strongly advise you not to place a new mattress on an old bed base. 

Which comfort level should I choose for my new mattress? 
The Revor Firmness Curve (see below) will give you a good indication. But the comfort level of a mattress is and remains a personal choice.

What are ‘sleeping concepts’? 
Revor developed a number of sleeping concepts, offering specific bed combinations. Each of these combinations is a concept that guarantees a unique combination of ergonomics and aesthetics. The different elements of these concepts can of course be combined with other products. This possibility allows you to build your personal dream bed. Feel free to test our boxspring configurator here. 

Is it possible to order a headboard or a box separately? 
Apart from the sleeping concepts, special actions and ‘premium mattresses’, Revor also offers tailor-made products. In other words, you can choose what you would like to order separately and/or what you would like us to combine for you. Ordering a headboard or a boxspring separately is perfectly possible. Our Revor dealers will be happy to give you all the information you need. 

The colours of my headboard and my boxspring look different… 
This has everything to do with the room your bed is installed in, light sources and shadow play. In these circumstances, some materials (e.g. leatherlook) may occasionally give the impression that they have a slightly different colour. Sometimes, different light sources or the tension of the fabric may create that effect. Tip: make sure the fabrics or leatherlook have the same tension level or place the products under a different angle and the optical illusion will cease to exist. 

Can I order directly from Revor? 
We are sorry, but that is not possible. Ordering is only possible via our dealerships.