Buying a hard or soft mattress? Find out what is the best match for you with this checklist

How firm should my mattress be? We often get this question. There is no set answer to this. To determine whether you need a hard or soft mattress to guarantee a good night’s sleep, we look at two factors: your body weight and your sleeping position. Read on or use our mattress finder to determine which mattress suits you best.

A hard or soft mattress? This depends on your body weight

Your mattress and its firmness or softness essentially depends on your body weight. This is not a guessing game. You’ll see that we’ve added the ratio between firmness and body weight in our firmness curve below.

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This curve helps us determine which level of support your body needs to be healthy and comfortable when laying down. The higher your body weight, the more resistance your mattress must offer.

How your sleeping position determines the firmness of your mattress

Another important factor is your sleeping position. The general rule of thumb is that stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress than back or side sleepers. Otherwise you run the risk that your body sinks down too much in the mattress. As a result, you sleep with a hollow curve in your back, which is not very healthy.

We also always look at the firmness curve for back and side sleepers. It is crucial, especially for side sleepers, that your spine is aligned when you’re sleeping. This means that the mattress must be sufficiently soft to accommodate your hips and shoulders. Otherwise you can’t achieve this effect. A mattress with multiple ergonomic comfort zones is definitely worth considering. The firmness of the hip and shoulder zones of these mattresses has been adapted. Did you know that the core of our Anatomic Pocket-sprung mattresses follows the anatomic contours of your body? As a result, this type of mattress guarantees the best zone division.

Comfort vs. support

When it comes to the firmness of your mattress, you need sufficient support, preferably without an impact on comfort. Fortunately support and comfort are two different things.

Support is determined by the mattress core, while your sense of comfort mainly depends on the additional comfort layers on top of the core. So a mattress with a hard core can feel soft while offering maximum support. Do you want a firm mattress that feels soft? Request a mattress with a harder core, with several softer materials in the top layers. Want to find the mattress that best suits your body type and sleeping profile? Try our mattress finder to find the right mattress for you.