Innergetic Classic

  • Medium to firm comfort feeling
  • Good ventilating and moisture-wicking properties
  • Perfect support through good resilience and pressure distribution
  • Antibacterial and antifungal
  • 20 cm high
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This mattress has an 18 cm Innergetic Latex core. This Latex core has 7 unique, defined sleeping zones. Each zone has its own firmness, ensuring that this part of your body receives the optimal support it requires. The shoulder zone feels much softer than the hip zone. The human body requires more support around the hips.

This second-generation Innergetic core is fully perforated with large, open ventilation channels. You can see right through the core, which is unique in the world of sleep!

Innergetic helps you move more easily in bed, using less energy so you feel more refreshed when you wake up. Moreover, Innergetic also provides optimum pressure distribution, promoting blood circulation so you will wake up in the morning without feeling sore or having stiff muscles or joints.


Detachable deluxe double-gauze ticking with an inner polyester ticking and 3D fabric gusset for ventilation. The ticking is stitched through with a 250 g/m2 thermo cotton filling for more comfort and softness.

The ticking can be washed at 40°C.