Comfort 750 Latex

The Comfort 750 Latex is a mattress that offers you extra support and comfort. It is available with Latex, Visco or Hybrid and recommended to be used with the BE-COMFY box spring set. Due to the latex, this Comfort 750 is more resilient than other models.

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This mattress has a pocket-sprung core. These are barrel-shaped springs, which are individually wrapped in fabric covers. As a result, every spring can react independently and guarantee a very high local compression and level of comfort in places where the body pressure is highest or lowest.

The mattress is aerated thanks to the many open spaces around and in the pockets. The hundreds of pocket springs thus offer perfect ventilation and optimum moisture wicking with every compression or movement on the mattress. The ideal solution for perspiration.

Our pocket springs are electro-thermally hardened. These springs are briefly heated at a high temperature, ensuring a longer lifespan.


Above and below the inner spring there is a perforated comfort cushion of 3 cm latex. The perforation allows air and moisture to circulate freely through the mattress. Latex is extremely point-elastic and offers an upward pressure under load, so that the material immediately regains its original shape. The mattress therefore adjusts itself directly to your posture.