With our BE-CHILL box spring set we offer blissful sleeping comfort, at an extremely soft price. The Be-Chill boxspring with bonell springs inside is 25cm high (legs excl.). This box spring is combined with the BE-foot in black of 12cm high. The Chill mattress offers the ideal sleeping comfort for any sleeping position. Finish your box spring with a fabric color of your choice and choose whether you want a headboard as wide as your bed or rather with a stylish oversizing. set prices include box spring, legs, mattress & headboard.



The extra soft lying comfort with the BE-CHILL is achieved by the custom-made chill mattress. This mattress has a core of 300 pocket springs/m² and both comfort layers of 3cm Hybrid Foam. The 7 ergonomic comfort zones provide you with an ergonomically correct night's sleep. The Chill mattress has a washable and removable cover.


The Be-Chill headboard

The Be-Chill headboard is available in a version as wide as the box spring or in an oversized version that is 10cm wider on each side.

The headboard has a thickness of 10cm.

And the headboard is available in 2 heights: 90cm or 105cm.

Choose a 3L composition

Be-Chill is available in both a 2L composition (box spring + mattress) and a 3L composition (box spring + upholstered mattress + topper). Choose a 3L composition for a scandinavian look and an extra soft comfort feel through the extra topper.

Choose an electric box spring

Be-Chill is also available in an electric version. This in both the 2L and 3L composition. Do you still like to read a book or watch TV before bed? Then an electric box spring is definitely a plus!