The Be-Anatomic divan bed set was designed to create the most ergonomic divan bed possible. The divan bed has an anatomic pocket-sprung core, which contours the body’s natural shape, offering even better and anatomically correct support as a result.

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The Be-Anatomic box is our most ergonomic divan bed. The Anatomic pocket-sprung core has springs with 4 different levels of hardness and contours the body’s natural shape, offering better and more correct support as a result.

This divan bed has a 3D non-slip pad for good ventilation, ensuring the mattress doesn’t move around.

The Be-Anatomic divan bed is 28 cm deep and only comes in a regular version.


The Anatomic box spring is only complete when you choose the headboard that 100% matches your personal style. That's why we have a large collection of headboards to choose from.

Let your creativity run wild with our online configurator and choose the headboard that fits your room perfectly.


The Active Support Technology of this latest generation 7-zone mattress consists of a sophisticated mix of 4 different firmness levels, in which the shoulder, the region and the pelvis zone have been especially optimised. The 'contour' of the Be-Anatomic has been developed according to a specific anatomical pattern. The mattress is aerated thanks to the many open spaces around and in the pockets. The hundreds of pocket springs thus offer perfect ventilation and optimum moisture-regulation with every compression or movement on the mattress. The ideal solution for perspiration.


Add a nice finishing touch to your BE-ANATOMIC with the leg of your choice. Natural wood or aluminium lacquered. The choice is yours!

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