Design Box

Design is mine!

In a rapidly changing world are creativity and design are very important. New technologies. New shapes. And improved ergonomics. This also applies for the sleeping industry. With the 'Design Box' Revor has redrawn the traditional box spring.The slim box, with its unique frame, is a fine example of Belgian design and will definitely be the jewel in your bedroom. And this without any loss of ergonomics.

Slim, elegant, strong & comfortable

A box spring with a unique design. Slim shape and with two elegant steel legs. The combination with a fine floating headboard completes the picture.

Dream big..

Because we didn't want to ruin the stunning design of this box spring, we did not add a mattress break. The interior of the Design Box consists of low height pocket springs, the ideal surface for any Revor mattress. The two specially developed and ergonomic design mattresses connect perfectly with the Design Box. These mattresses, with the latest gel technology inside, feel very comfortable from the first touch. As an option you can choose a matching design night table or matching LED lights.

Design of the mattress

Both Design mattresses are equipped with the latest gel technology. You can choose between two finishes for these mattresses

Mattress Design Classic 21cm The mattress has a unique hybrid look, a cover which consists 50% of double cloth and 50% from the same fabric as your box spring. The double saddle stitch to finish the corners shows that Revor has attention to the smallest detail.

Mattress Design Pillowtop 25cm The boxspring fabric encloses the core of High Performance Foam. The pillowtop with Gelpulse and American Floating foam is attached to the core with an ultra-breathable fabric. You only need to cover the topper with a fitted sheet, so the beautiful design mattress remains visible.