The Anatomic box spring with the latest generation pocket springs . This wonderful composition was created from the development of the highly-ergonomic Aero Anatomic mattress.
Moreover, you can choose how your bed will look like. The Anatomic box spring is available with box, headboard and feet of your choice and of course in your favorite fabric.

The spring core reinvented

The Contour Anatomic follows was developed according to a specific anatomical pattern. The mattress core follows the shape of the human body.
The Active Support Technology of the 7 zone mattress of the latest generation is made with a refined blend of four different hardnesses, notably the shoulder, lumbar and pelvic area were optimized.

Anatomic was developed in collaboration with a team orthopedists and physiotherapists in order to improve ergonomics in the sleeping industry.
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The box of your heart

The Anatomic mattress was developed for use on the Revor boxspring. This box with pocket spring core, has a height of 24cm or 28cm includes a 3D antiskid mirror for an optimal ventilation.
In combination with the pocket springs of the box, the unique core characteristics of the Anatomic mattress core are fully utilized.

What headboard do you prefer?

The Anatomic box spring comes with a headboard of your choice.
Piece by piece timeless classics that fit into almost any interior.
Of no-nonsense tight to generously classic. In the fabric of your choice.

Choose your feet

The details are also important! Choose the feet according to your preference. We chose the Vita feet. what do you think about it?

what fabric is the best fit for your composition?

For this box spring Revor selected an extensive range of 100 timeless and trendy fabrics and leather looks.
Easy to maintain fabrics with a very long life.
Just up to you to decide which fabric quality and what color you like the best.