Gelpur isn't just a gelmattress. It's secret lays in the combination of the materials. We didn't just inserted gel into an existing product but built with Ironman winner Frederik Van Lierde on a product with amazing performances. Gelpur is built up from three main materials.


  • High Performance Foam
  • (Pocket springs with Elite version)
  • Gelpulse
  • American Floating Foam

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Top performances ask for top comfort!

"As a professional athlete you're always looking for the latest and greatest. Recovery is very important. So I went looking for the perfect mattress and this way I ended up with Revor.

Together with the sleeping specialists from Revor, we combined existing technologies with new technologies in order to develop the perfect sleeping system; Gelpur.

Gel is already used in running shoes for years to balance the impact of the foot on the ground. You now also find this in the Gelpur mattress."

Since I'm sleeping on the Gelpur mattress my recuperation is realy optimized after heavy training programs.‚ÄĚ

- Frederik Van Lierde

Comfort, resilience and support

We didn't just put gel in a previously existing mattress but together with Frederick we have build a product with impressive performances. Gelpur consists primarily of three materials.

  1. The solid high performance base layer provides a quality support.
  2. The middle layer contains Gelpulse, a combination of gel and latex which gives this mattress the unique, unprecedented resilient characteristics, so that the point elasticity ranks high.
  3. The American floating foam top layer is the proverbial cherry on top. This foam gives Gelpur the most comfortable feeling, performing under all circumstances.

Gelpur guarantees, partly due to the extremely breathable cover, an ergonomic and perfect bed climate!